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"Your engineering accomplishments through the use of our innovative designs."

"From the smallest aesthetic design details to the quality of the finished product."

"Young, eager and aspiring professionals led by highly experienced management."

What we do

EDC offers consulting services. Complete product development, from the initial thought process, preliminary sketches and design solutions, CAD-based 3D modelling of prototypes, production of system overview, assembly and manufacturing drawings. All this followed up with finite element method (FEM) analysis of the completed product, accompanied with full reports. We offer the full package.


We keep the best. Moulding bright young engineering minds to skilled professionals and leaders of the next generation. Offering our customers complete and utter dedication from initiation to project completion with passion and love for our profession. EDC puts its heart and soul in all our services. Supplying our customers with high quality engineering services, satisfaction and opportunity for further cooperation.

Focus Areas

EDC focuses on general mechanical engineering activities and design. Throughout our activities we have worked with shipbuilding, machine and offshore disciples. Subsea and ships equipment have been our main focus area.


During almost 10 years of reliable and successful services, EDC has developed a wide range of products in cooperation with our customers. That list containing products such as; cranes, winches, sheaves, covers, lifts, ramps, connectors, specialized tools, clamps etc...

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